No sleep till 18 is about parenthood, real parenthood, not the glitzy, perfect stuff you see in the media. Getting sick of all the celebrity instagram posts, the ‘oh so simple kids meal’ pinterest boards, and the perfect blogger mommy’s tumbler accounts, we decided to show the raw side of parenthood in weekly video blogs based on real situations.

Hope it helps everybody going through this crazy, exhausting, and worthwhile journey of parenthood feel less alone.

 Note to viewer:

If you hear kids talking, screaming or interrupting, see editing issues, or typos, that's because we're real moms, with no help, trying to find some spare time to shoot. So if we can handle it, so can you.

Resmine Atis Creator/Writer/ Actor 

Georgea Brooks Comedian/Writer/Former Babysitter

Katja Kulenkampff Videographer/Photographer